Madhubala 1st March 2014 full episode

by on March 1, 2014

Madhubala 1st March 2014 full episode


Part 1
[Missed a bit coz of no power ]

Madhu ends up selling her moby and gives Lela the money she asked for!

Lela tells Madhu that no matter how much money she gives..she has to still continue to do household work!

Pam tells Nikhil that she will get AK married.. and says that… the girl she will choose for AK will make him go nuts.. for her… will fake her love for him ..and then break his heart and walk off …! Then Pam will give support to AK and he will not bother about his huge property ..

Madhu is in market and bargains with veggie vendor about money for veggies..! She demands discount …and rues that.. how to arrange for Radhas treatment? She gets almost knocked out by a car… and screams on the driver for spoiling her veggie shopping..!

Pam tells the girl ..will be one who will care only for her ownself and money and no one else..! This deal will be for our benefit..! Annie apologizes for ruining things always for Pam!

The driver steps out of the car and walks to Madhu and she turns and notices AK …and is surprised

Part 2
AK tells Madhu ‘Ye lo pakdo apne gobi ka phool .. u fool’

Madhu says sorry. .din notice ur car and AK says.. with those thick specs.. u culdn see my car?

All start getting excited seeing Madhu so AK asks her to sit in the car n duo drive off..!

AK asks Madhu where her phone is and why its off? Madhu says sold it off..! Madhu fakes about Radha’s sickness.. n says.. din have salary so sold it off…! AK says culd have asked..! Madhu says tried..but!

Madhu rues from now one..we both have to sell things and survive..! AK says it stinks and Madhu says.. u sniff like dogs i guess!

AK tells Madhu have a job offer … need help for Bebe..! He says.. want ur help .. n will give u one month salary in advance..!

Precap — AK says put seat belt on and Madhu is drooling as AK puts her seat belt on!

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